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We are all time travellers

31 Jul

"Argo", a prehistoric vessel constructed by Jason after Athena' s indication (This is a reconstruction in Volos, Greece)

Time travelling has always been a haunting, elusive dream of mine and I guess of most curious daydreamers out there, too. Today I spent all day reading about science progress in regard to time travelling. Oh dear humanity, we are so close! I’ m sure that future generations will have the chance to see the mystery of time travelling unfold. As for me, I guess not in this lifetime. Einstein left us too soon. Unfulfilled wishes make me sad but what the heck! We are all time travellers! The only thing is that we can only travel in the future and at the rate of 1 hour per hour. 😛

Leonidas and Achilles are buddies

Achilles is such a sucker for fame

[As you can see, I am a lame photoshopper]

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