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Bergamo/ Lago d’ Iseo/ Milan

30 Aug

Got enough of greek summer scenery so we chose northern Italy this year. Beautiful nature, excellent wine, delicious italian food, a gentle sun, our journey ended up with us looking for tickets in order to postpone our return. These are some of the photos we took..

Bergamo- Citta alta

We listened to some experimental church music

Fresh fruit in medieval surroundigs


The yellow ones are Bergamo’s signature dessert. It’s called polenta e osei, which is the local dialect for “polenta and birds"

Waiting for the funicolare to get us to the lower city after enjoying some excellent local wine

Bergamo- Citta bassa

This is supposed to be the busiest shopping street

Where is everybody? On vacation apparently.

Electricity gets you closer to God

Lago d’ Iseo (Lovere & Montisola)

I love their hats

Our favorite trattoria at our favorite plaza (Lovere)

Ready, set, picnic

Everyone was waving at our boat

Our captain waving back


We followed this path out of curiosity and it led us to our perfect "private" beach. Thumbs up for curiosity!

This lambrador' s game was trying to get all of the stones out of the lake. Talk about false hopes.

Just as we thought that we' d end up spending the night on the little lake island (Montisola), the boat came to our rescue


Stazione centrale

Duomo di Milano

This is why I didn' t get to go inside the duomo

The temple of shopping

The centre of Milan all to ourselves


Oinousses (Οινούσσες)

10 Aug

Travelling in the past: Mission complete

Google search for “greek islands with no cars”, “..no tourists”, “..no noise”, etc, gave few results, I guess because people who are aware of such places don’ t wish to share the secret, which is perfectly logical since time and again we’ ve witnessed the invasion of tourists ruin hidden, beautiful and virgin places. So after a week’ s intense search we finally found the perfect destination.

The port

Oinousses (Οινούσσες) is a collection of small greek islands near Chios island. Although the largest one, Aignoussa (Αιγνούσσα), is very much known, mainly as the birthplace of famous shipowners, people find it too desolated for a vacation destination, chosing to visit it with boats from Chios island for one day trips rather than staying there, which was obvious by the number of accommodations, which were about five or so.

The Oinoussian Mermaid

For literally last-minute planners, we were very lucky finding convenient plane tickets to Chios and booking the last room available. Arriving there we were pleasantly surprised to see that everything was so much better than expected. We found the deserted oasis that we were looking for, enjoying beautiful beaches all by ourselves, taking walks around beautiful vacant houses, enjoying the difficulties of a place where people have no care at all for the visitors and regaining peace of mind after a series of stressful months.

Seeing pictures of the island from the 1900′ s at the local “Oinoussian Maritime Museum” we noticed that the island hasn’ t really changed throughout all these years. After recently thinking about time machines and travelling in the past, it occurred to me that I finally had a kind of back-in-time experience.


“Pateronisso”. One can reach it by swimming. I actually did.

“Agios Ioannis beach”. To reach it we had to follow the goats’ pathways and climb, since there is no road that can lead you there.

“Demis”, the wall climbing dog
In the back, Fra in his cave reading his book about zombies 😛
“Chatzali beach”. One more “private” beach.

Walking to the beach through the pines we saw rabbits go by
There were a lot of fig trees on the island
“Kathisma” beach.
There were also a lot of bees. Fra got stung by one 😛
We stayed at the beach till the sun went down

Local people dancing..
..and falling in love
“Chara”, the stray pekingese of the island
The statue of the “Oinoussian mother” waving goodbye. The men of the island are mainly sailors.
Fishing boats
Having breakfast at the marine club
This cat thought he was our pet, sneaking into the house and asking for food
He also brought his miniature friend
If you are to make some tortellini pasta in a pan (with chillie con carne sauce) be sure to be hungry enough to eat it 😛
Interesting luggage 😛

Come on let’ s twist again..

2 Aug

..like we did last summer!

In fact, let’ s twist even more and sunnier! The desirable destination is found, the perfect company is alert, the hunger for vacations is motivating! I guess what’ s left for us to do is to “fasten our seatbelts” 🙂

Let’ s pretend we are on vacation

26 Jul

Stuck in a hot town like a bare foot in the mud? Search for summery scenery and pretend you are on a greek island. Luckily, where I live, I can make do with. Good company is always a plus! Have some “ouzo”, listen to some “bouzouki”, have a view of the sea, and there you have it. Your own, personal delusion.
Be a “cool cat”. Joe Cocker said it first:  “Come on, come on and dance all night, despite the heat it will be alright” !

The Isle of Salonica 😛

Thessaloniki Island

Small birds, big appetite!

Can’ t get much “greeker” than this 😛

And last but not least, our favorite “tzitzikos”!

Photo dedicated to Kiki and Michel!

Your dog loves taverns as much as you do!

The Dictatorship of Summer Happiness

17 Jul

Summertime and the living is not damn easy!

Why is it that teachers show the children that the way to draw the sun is with a big smile on its “face”?

Growing up I felt deceived finding out that the summer sun and heat can make you feel terrible. Make you sweat, make you tired all the time, make you wanna be at the beach when you have to work, make you wanna take the family on vacation when you can’ t afford it while there is always nothing good on tv because the tv people are ON VACATION, make people in public transportation stink, make you lose your sleep, your appetite, your will to sleep next to anyone, gives you a headache, and if you manage to go to the beach you can get sunburns, not to mention that the sun can even cause cancer.

Summer hits, summer advertises, even summer movies like f..ing “Mamma Mia”, are featuring frantic happiness, urging you to party like there’ s no tomorrow. But there IS tomorrow. The same hot, boring, busy day in an ugly insufferable town.

If I’ m sad then I’ m sad, even if it is summer, if I’ m angry then let me be. People can be melancholic even in the summer. It’ s not like you have to wear a long black coat to be up to the melancholic standards.

That being said I’ m wondering why I still LOVE summer so much. Have I been brain-washed by the dictatorship of summer happiness?

Don’ t take life (or what you read) too seriously! Have a summer cocktail! 😉

Canis Lupus Vlitophagus (Βλητοφάγος Κυν)

15 Jul

In the summertime I enjoy having some “vlita” (amaranthus) salade with the right company. Problem is there might be left none for me in the end.

It’ s a jungle out there

14 Jul

Stuck in town in the midsummer? Not good. Hot sun makes me hullicinate. Sometimes I see this gray place as an exotic resort.

I saw a tropical bird

I saw a blue lion and a pink elephant