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Productive insomnia…

11 Jul

..doesn’ t make you the Napoleon (apparently).

Feeling lonely in the soundless dark but safe by the intimateness of the ambience, and also somewhat bored, accompanied by one’ s thoughts and only, one can get very productive. For example, I think that if a statistic research was done, most bloggers would be found suffering (?) from lack of sleep… Sometimes it even works vice versa, when your productive urge doesn’ t let your mind rest.

Since my example was about bloggers and as we all know most blogs, like this one, are quite useless, I was wondering about the quality of the late hours’ productivity. Then the striking example of Napoleon came to my mind! Napoleon couldn’ t get a more than three hours’ sleep, but during being awake he was using his brain in a way that resulted in him being one of the most effective leaders. Thinking about Napoleon must have kept Winston Churchill going since he too had to think about strategies and warlike matters while being sleepless. I’ m afraid that with Shakespeare in the “sleepless team” ,whose plays involve quarrels, fights and killings, an ingenuous conclusion is starting to be shaped. Does insomnia make you sabre-rattling?!

Lack of sleep caused this

Fear not my fellow readers, this post, written minutes before the sun comes out, is proof that insomnia doesn’ t effect all people in the same way. Instead of these scribbled thoughts you just read, I wish I could think of ways to take over the world. Well, no Napoleon here! Time to go to bed!