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To my dog on wheels I’ ll tell my pleasures and woes..

7 Jul

..to my dog on wheels I’ ll tell my secrets and more..

Brand new wheels for my Amelie! She’ s fast and she’ s furious (and you better get out of her way if you’ re holding anything tasty cause she’ s sure gonna get you in no time) !

Amelie lives in “the land of perfection” (you can find it in the map under the name “Greece”). Where whoever doesn’ t fit the pattern is unwanted. Well, “thank God” say I, cause otherwise I wouldn’ t have met my best dog-friend!

Dogs aren’ t toys and cute accessories nor are they means to show off. They deserve respect!

No preaching here, just before making up your mind about euthanasia, think about what would you do if it was your parent or child you had to decide about.

..I get by with a little help from my friends..