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The Dictatorship of Summer Happiness

17 Jul

Summertime and the living is not damn easy!

Why is it that teachers show the children that the way to draw the sun is with a big smile on its “face”?

Growing up I felt deceived finding out that the summer sun and heat can make you feel terrible. Make you sweat, make you tired all the time, make you wanna be at the beach when you have to work, make you wanna take the family on vacation when you can’ t afford it while there is always nothing good on tv because the tv people are ON VACATION, make people in public transportation stink, make you lose your sleep, your appetite, your will to sleep next to anyone, gives you a headache, and if you manage to go to the beach you can get sunburns, not to mention that the sun can even cause cancer.

Summer hits, summer advertises, even summer movies like f..ing “Mamma Mia”, are featuring frantic happiness, urging you to party like there’ s no tomorrow. But there IS tomorrow. The same hot, boring, busy day in an ugly insufferable town.

If I’ m sad then I’ m sad, even if it is summer, if I’ m angry then let me be. People can be melancholic even in the summer. It’ s not like you have to wear a long black coat to be up to the melancholic standards.

That being said I’ m wondering why I still LOVE summer so much. Have I been brain-washed by the dictatorship of summer happiness?

Don’ t take life (or what you read) too seriously! Have a summer cocktail! 😉