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La pluie sans parapluie

5 Sep

Or..”the rain without an umbrella”

The first autumn rain was mild enough to let us take walks in it and feel the kind chill on our thirsty august skins. Meet up with a friend to pick up notes for my exams, hot coffee with the boy at our favorite place, listening to the rain drops falling on the glass ceiling, an exquisite home-made dinner at our friends, an upbeat night concert, warm people, an unfailing embrace. If you don’ t hide yourself under an umbrella, everyday life can bathe you in simple pleasures. I love it how rain and some color splashes here and there can turn the depressive ugliness of the downtown city streets into gloomy mesmerism.


Is it a barking seal? Is it a sausage with legs? NO! It' s Tasoulis! 😛