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Rude awakenings

27 Jan



Wake ’em, blind ’em, love ’em.


Photo booth time!

17 Oct

The Real Aristocrat

13 Oct


28 Sep

The subject I am currently studying for my exams is orthopaedics. Tough stuff. I spend all day with pictures of bones. But I guess one man’ s (or dog’ s :P) dream is another man’ s nightmare.

Canis Lupus Vlitophagus (Βλητοφάγος Κυν)

15 Jul

In the summertime I enjoy having some “vlita” (amaranthus) salade with the right company. Problem is there might be left none for me in the end.

Poppy Punk, oi oi oi

8 Jul


To be a punk, it doesn’ t matter if you can’ t play a note, it’ s how you communicate..

I wish I was the first person to have a punk rock hairstyle” – Vivienne Westwood


Amelie' s band mates

Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow..

8 Jul

..or anything that comes in handy!