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By the time the first bombs fell we were already bored

19 Jun


Rude awakenings

27 Jan



Wake ’em, blind ’em, love ’em.


28 Sep

The subject I am currently studying for my exams is orthopaedics. Tough stuff. I spend all day with pictures of bones. But I guess one man’ s (or dog’ s :P) dream is another man’ s nightmare.

La pluie sans parapluie

5 Sep

Or..”the rain without an umbrella”

The first autumn rain was mild enough to let us take walks in it and feel the kind chill on our thirsty august skins. Meet up with a friend to pick up notes for my exams, hot coffee with the boy at our favorite place, listening to the rain drops falling on the glass ceiling, an exquisite home-made dinner at our friends, an upbeat night concert, warm people, an unfailing embrace. If you don’ t hide yourself under an umbrella, everyday life can bathe you in simple pleasures. I love it how rain and some color splashes here and there can turn the depressive ugliness of the downtown city streets into gloomy mesmerism.


Is it a barking seal? Is it a sausage with legs? NO! It' s Tasoulis! 😛

My boy is my luxury

30 Aug

Time is on my side

24 Aug

..yes it is! : Stated by The Rolling Stones and I’ m determined to take their word for it.

The end of summer is always a stressful time of the year for me. I have to study hard, most of the time against my will, and overcome my powers for my upcoming exams, my beautiful flowers are on their way to their shrivelling and it’ s time to make massive plans for the future.

I’ m aware that I’ m not the only one stressing out! Almost everyone around me seems to have had postponed obligations, problems or decision-making for the summer and now it’ s time to face up to them again!

So, if you are one of the stressing out fellas, cheer up! Time is on your side, yes it is! I mean look at Mick Jagger! The guy sang about it and now he never gets old, still jumping around like a little goat! 😛

My point is, if your life seems to be going the wrong way, don’ t worry too much, there is always time to turn things round. Take my word for it, if you believe it, time expands in a weird way!

Listen to the song by The Rolling Stones(to be accurate it wasn’ t actually written by them):

And this is a newer version by Vanessa Carlton, for piano lovers:

Shopping Therapy

18 Aug

Today I had been studying for my upcoming exams for hours and I really needed a break. So I thought I’ d ride my bike and take a stroll around my neighborhood until all this hubbub left my brain, maybe follow new roads and discover some new spots. It was late in the afternoon so the sunrays were kindly warming and there was a slight breeze. The road led me to a supermarket so I left my bike and continued my strolling inside the store, looking for something fun to buy. I ended up buying a lovely pair of gardening gloves and some fruity ice pops for children (which I’ ve put in the freezer and will eat tomorrow) 🙂 Oh, the recharging power of shopping!