Bergamo/ Lago d’ Iseo/ Milan

30 Aug

Got enough of greek summer scenery so we chose northern Italy this year. Beautiful nature, excellent wine, delicious italian food, a gentle sun, our journey ended up with us looking for tickets in order to postpone our return. These are some of the photos we took..

Bergamo- Citta alta

We listened to some experimental church music

Fresh fruit in medieval surroundigs


The yellow ones are Bergamo’s signature dessert. It’s called polenta e osei, which is the local dialect for “polenta and birds"

Waiting for the funicolare to get us to the lower city after enjoying some excellent local wine

Bergamo- Citta bassa

This is supposed to be the busiest shopping street

Where is everybody? On vacation apparently.

Electricity gets you closer to God

Lago d’ Iseo (Lovere & Montisola)

I love their hats

Our favorite trattoria at our favorite plaza (Lovere)

Ready, set, picnic

Everyone was waving at our boat

Our captain waving back


We followed this path out of curiosity and it led us to our perfect "private" beach. Thumbs up for curiosity!

This lambrador' s game was trying to get all of the stones out of the lake. Talk about false hopes.

Just as we thought that we' d end up spending the night on the little lake island (Montisola), the boat came to our rescue


Stazione centrale

Duomo di Milano

This is why I didn' t get to go inside the duomo

The temple of shopping

The centre of Milan all to ourselves


2 Responses to “Bergamo/ Lago d’ Iseo/ Milan”

  1. fragile balloon August 30, 2011 at 03:55 #

    akomh ekei eimai! tis valitses mas kai epistrofh stiw diakopes!

    • Efi Ch. August 30, 2011 at 12:30 #

      δεν θα έλεγα όχι σε κάτι τέτοιο!

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